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Eldorado Springs

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Eldorado Springs

Eldorado Springs is a small unincorporated community in just south of Boulder in Boulder County, Colorado. Eldorado Springs lies nestled up to Eldorado Canyon and the Rocky Mountain Foothills and has a population of 585 (2016).

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"Fresh Spring Water, a sweeping valley and a towering Canyon"

The Highway 36 Corridor connects Denver with Boulder and Longmont in the North West. Superior straddles the corridor and has become an important commercial and retail destination. Boulder County’s commitment to keeping a view corridor and extensive open space buffer has made Superior a highly attractive community with the best views in Boulder County.

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Eldorado Springs is a small rural community surrounded by unmatched open space and ending at the mouth of Eldorado Canyon. The scenery is spectacular, the old town is set back in time and the access road is deliberately awful.

The luxury valley homes are really just a suburb of Boulder but the old town area is a world of it’s own. It’s a quiet rural area with the exception of the weekend invasion of visitors to the Eldorado State Park and customers collecting spring water.

The Eldorado Springs Lifestyle

Lafayette is all about life and lifestyle. 

The Eldorado Springs Economy

You can’t begin to 

The Eldorado Springs Housing and Real Estate Market

The Louisville housing market has started to pick up the ripple effect from the Boulder market in 2013 and really took off in 2015.  

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Here’s what you can expect if you’re thinking of moving to Lafayette

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