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Welcome to the most unique sales center in the real estate industry.

This is the only place where you can buy, sell, rent or invest in a neighbor’s off market or pre market home, by yourself or with local partners, with or without an agent. That’s because we’ve created a unique real estate exchange that connects locals and simplifies the whole real estate transaction process. 

How It Works


“60% of homes are purchased by buyers who currently live within 15 miles of their next home”  – National Association of Realtors


Buy your neighbor's home, even if it's not yet listed on the MLS. We have a list of pre-market, off-market and active listing homes.


Get a cash offer or sell to a neighbor looking to move up or down but stay in Town. We can help you with as much or as little as you need to close the sale.


Rent, lease or Airbnb a home, office or retail space through our rental exchange.


You know the area so why don't you buy an investment property, by yourself or partner with fellow local investors, from our pre market investment list.

Real Estate
Is Local

Whatever You Need, We Probably Already Have It!

It sounds simple but every real estate transaction is really just a deal involving three things – a qualified buyer, a willing seller and a piece of property. 

To make the deal work you need a list of every home in town (inventory), a list of everyone interested in living in the area (buyers) and a list of everyone willing to sell (sellers).

That’s why we raised a cash fund to buy homes and spend everyday working on our buyer, seller and inventory lists.

If you need to buy, sell or rent a home, we probably already  have the other two things you need.

Real Estate Insights


Can I Sell My Home?

Yes, you can sell your home on the exchange. Tell us about you home and let us know if you want us to make a cash offer or if you’d like us to promote it, publicly or discreetly, to buyers on our buyer and investor lists. 

Can I Buy A Home?

Yes. We’ll introduce you to pre-market and off market homes that the owners have told us they may be willing to sell. If you want to invest in another local home we’ll introduce you to fellow investors looking to partner on a deal.

How Does The Exchange Work?

The exchange is a local listing platform for local real estate. Buyers and seller register and let us know what they need and how much help they need. We use our deep local market knowledge and buyer and seller lists to help them assemble all the pieces they need to close a deal.

What's The 60/15 Rule?

A study by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 60% of buyers currently live within 15 miles of their next home. That tells us that most sales are between neighbors who want to stay close to their family, friends, current job or keep the kids in the same school.. That’s why we spend our time and money getting to know everything and everyone in neighborhood.

What About The MLS?

You’re free to list your home on the MLS. We simply ask that you “pre-list”  your home on the local exchange for a few days or weeks before you list it on the MLS. We truly believe that we probably already have a local buyer and can save you all the time, hassle and stress of a traditional home sale.

With Or Without A Realtor?

That’s entirely up to you and how much help you need. You can do it all yourself, hire your own Realtor or ask us to help with all or a small piece of the transaction. You may ask us to find a buyer or you may already have a buyer and just need help with the paperwork and managing the closing.

How Does the Cash Offer Work?

We already know and love the area and have put together a fund to buy local homes. We’ll make an offer at a fair market price. It’s fast, stress free and fair.

What's The First Step?

You need to raise your hand and let us know that you’re interested in buying, investing or selling your home.

Register as a local buyer, investor or seller.

It Starts With A Simple Conversation

Something On Your Mind?

When It Comes To Local Real Estate, If You Have a Question We Probably Have The Answer.

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