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Real Estate Insurance

Learn what’s in your insurance policies and how to negotiate or reduce your insurance premiums.

Real Estate Insurance

Always Stay On Top Of Your Home Insurance Policies.

It’s amazing how little most homeowners know about their Homeowner Insurance Policy.

Do you know what’s covered by the policy, what’s not covered, what additional insurance coverage you need and how to reduce or renegotiate your insurance premiums?

The first thing you need to do is have an insurance expert review your current coverage and policies. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn about your coverage.

Insurance Insights


Do I Need Homeowners Insurance ?

Yes, your lender will insist on Homeowners Insurance (sometimes called Hazard Insurance) and, even if you don’t have a loan, you need to insure against loss or damage to the property.

How Do I Pay For Homeowner Insurance?

You can pay your annual premium directly to the Insurance Company or you can allow your Lender to pay for your insurance and then roll the cost into a monthly escrow repayment.

What's Covered By My Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Each policy is different and the devil truly is in the detail. Believe it or not but every policy is negotiable, including what’s covered, what’s excluded, conditions and premiums.  

What's Renter Insurance?

If you rent out a property you can ask your renters to get a Renter Policy that will cover their personal belonging and valuables that they keep in the home.

Do I Need Additional Insurance?

You may need additional insurance for things that are not covered by your Homeowners Insurance. You may need flood insurance if your home is in a flood plain or sump pump insurance if it fails and floods your basement. You may need area specific insurance for things like termites or frozen pipes. You’ll also need a different insurance policy if your home is empty or you rent it on Airbnb.

How Do I Get AN Insurance Review?

All you need to do is reach out to us and we’ll help you save money on your insurance.

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