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Upmarket Prairie

Large lots with acreage, luxury single family homes and views East to the Prairie or West to the Rocky Mountains.

$725K - $7.5MM

$ 40 M
Median Value
per SQFT
1 %
Annual Appreciation
$ 40 K
Median Value
$ 150
3 %

The scoop

The Niwot Eastern Plains neighborhood has a semi-rural character dominated by large acreage lots and ranches. The Plains area covers the North and East side of Niwot and rolls out towards the Eastern Prairie and the Highway 287 corridor.

The Lifestyle

The Eastern Plains offer a quiet, semi-rural life just to the East of town. The rural character of Boulder County is balanced by the rapid growth of surrounding Longmont and the busy Highway 287 corridor. It's all about acreage, open space, animals and unblocked views of the Rocky Mountain foothills

The Neighbors

Wealthy families and many long-time Boulder County residents. There is still the Old West feel where neighbors get together and everyone helps keep a lookout for one another.

The Market

The Eastern Plains has limited inventory with most homes in the $1MM plus range. Hillcrest Heights is a semi-rural subdivision with large homes on large lots. Most of the area is zoned agricultural with minimum lot sizes of 35 acres.

Local Notes

Boulder County's open space policy has a major impact on the availability of land and land development in and around Niwot. Check the zoning, mineral and water rights on any proposed home purchase in the Eastern Plains.


Sights & Sounds of Upper Niwot

Around Upper Niwot

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Video

Niwot Neighborhood video by the Niwot Business Association. It’s mainly filmed around Downtown but you get to see some of Upper Niwot.

neighborhood spotlight

123 Downtown Street

from $995,950

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Bill Whitener


Bill is the owner of No Assembly Required LLC and the go-to handyman around Niwot.

If Bill can’t do it, he’ll know someone who can.


Lawn Care

Tom Pham provides the fastest no-hassle lawn service you’ve ever seen. Tom provides a limited service menu or cutting, trimming and aerating your lawn and bushes.


Odd Jobs

Rob Gordon is the hardest working man in Boulder County. He does everything – gutters, snow removal, odd jobs, dog walking and pet sitting. If you need a guy for an odd job, he’s the guy! 

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