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Lyons is a town in Boulder County in Northern Colorado. Lyons lies nestled against the Rocky Mountain foothills and is known as the Double Gateway to the Rockies.

Lyons has a population of 2053 (2018).

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Most real estate websites focus on buying on selling homes. We want to dig much deeper than that by exploring what it truly means to live in Lyons.

"Double gateway to the Rockies"

Lyons sits at the confluence of the North and South St.Vrain rivers and Highway 7 and 36 as they wind their way up to the world famous Rocky mountain National Park.

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Ok, we’re stretching it a little to say Lyons has a number of neighborhoods. It’s more accurate to say that Lyons has a number of subdivisions with distinct geographic features and building styles. 

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You can’t begin to describe Boulder without starting with its natural beauty and magnificent outdoors. It’s a wonderful natural valley backing up to the majestic Rocky Mountains. What you can’t see is the commitment and determination of locals to keep it that way for generations to come. 

The Lyons Lifestyle

Lyons is all about life and lifestyle. 

The Lyons Economy

You can’t begin to 

The Lyons Housing and Real Estate Market

The Lyons housing market has been booming since 2013.  

Thinking Of Moving To Lyons?

Here’s what you can expect if you’re thinking of moving to Lyons.

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