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Welcome to Boulder County

I sat down with a group of friends and asked them “what is it you truly need to get the most out of living and owning a home in Boulder County?” After a slow start the questions came in like a flood. This website is full of answers to all those countless questions about life and real estate in Boulder County.

Lake Valley Niwot

Welcome to Boulder County

The Boulder County website is designed as a blend of real estate and life throughout the county.

We’re a large and diverse county with unique and diverse towns and communities. We tried to capture the character and community of each town and the pulse and forecast for each real estate market. 

There’s a lot going on so dig deep and discover all the tools and resources you need to get the most out of living and owning a home in Boulder County. 

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Boulder County is consistently rated as one of the top places to live in the USA. 

We have it all, unless you love the ocean. From the majestic beauty of the Rockies to the vista and views of the plains. From the vibrant energy of Boulder to the Old West charm of Niwot and our rural communities. 

Enjoy an endless calendar of festivals, parades, celebrations and live events. 

You’ll love the easy access to our extensive park and trail system and the ability to pop down the road to Denver for everything you need in the big city.

Home Values

The entire county is still riding an unprecedented five year real estate boom that has seen record appreciation in just about every local market. 

As usual, Boulder sets the market and everything flows out into the county. The low inventory levels and rising values in the starter home market have pushed the working class out of town caused ripple effect appreciation in all the neighboring towns.

The crazy thing is that the low end of the market shows no sign of slowing down as more high paying tech companies relocated to Boulder.

But be careful – there’s a significant slow down at the tp end of the market.

Heads Up

Things are changing fast in Boulder County

The current housing boom has pushed starter homes into the $350,000 range and put pressure on rental rates. 

Many of the old-timers have cashed in and moved out and it’s changing the character of the entire county.

Things You Will Love About Boulder County

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Sights And Sounds Of Boulder County

Boulder Flatirons


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